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PT.Maha Daya Energi established in 2017, specializes in LPG(Liquid Petrolum Gas) sales and logistics. Our fully experienced professionals determine our expertise in this chemical trading field.Our main products consist LPG and will evolve into commercial business.


We alwaysput our best effort to provide the most competitive LPG Products to The industry.Our warehouse is equipped with storage
tanks facility to ensure our distribution reliability and on-time delivery to customer.


Our Ground distribution fleet covers from 5000 liter to 24000 liters tank capacity
and for LPG covers from 1000kg to 15000kg transport tank.these fleet serve from small to large
scale industries.For special projects,we could also provide sea tanker for LPG for transportation within indonesian island

Engineering Expert

Strong technical support and great engineer skill are our desirable qualities to meet customer needs

Why Choose Us !

we are commited to give our best and take step forward side by side with you

Our highly trained staff are always on hand to help

We know pricing is important to our customers and because we're market leaders in LPG supply, you can be guaranteed competitive prices. We also know that one size doesn't fit all, which is why we offer a range of packages and options to suit everyone.

Competitive prices

Because we're market in LPG supply, you can be guaranteed competitive prices .

Environmentally Friendly

In particular, LPG is powerful and environmentally friendly, requires low maintenance on equipment and provides opportunities for energy economies.LPG is thus ideally and widely used in many industrial applications and production processes.

You're in safe hands

All of these reasons mean you can relax knowing you're getting a product and a service that will add values to your business.



About Us


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we are commited to give our best and take step forward side by side with you

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JL.Marsekal Suryadarma

No. 37A Neglasari, Tangerang 15121

Phone: (021) 5572 5669

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